5 Best Pond Aerators Available in the Market

Aeration has been through the years, the most preferred method of maintaining ponds given the cost of constructing one. Aeration describes the process of adding oxygen to water; this oxygen is important in helping breaking down of harmful substances that might make their way to your pond. Depending on the size of your pond, cost and results of aerations, listed below are some of the best pond aerators among the most effective and cost friendly pond aerators in the market:

  1. Garden and koi pond aeration- If you are looking for a reliable, cost effective and efficient system to use for aerating your pond, this is a good option for you. This system is developed to add the right amount of oxygen that your pond needs having as minimal impact on your fish or any other aquatic life that might be breeding in the water. The garden and koi pond aeration system is preferred by most because of its ease in installation and no noise caused by the system.
  1. Kasko Robust Aire Systems- Rated as one of the most efficient water aeration system in the market, the Kasko Marine System works by increasing water flow in your pond hence increasing its supply of oxygen. This is how the system works; its base is made of durable plastic material that comes with pea gravel or material with similar weight to the gravel. This material is locked in a fill plug. An advantage of this system is that it does not use electricity and this is particularly important for ponds where swimming is allowed. This system also means that there is no floating equipment in the water hence little effect on aquatic life.
  1. Windmill aeration system- This can be talked of as the most advanced aeration system on the market. Windmill aeration systems offer not only a perfect solution for aerating ponds in extreme cold weather conditions but uses natural power- wind. The windmill aeration system is designed in an automated way that helps to handle the amount of air in the water. This system comes with a 5 years warranty and does make a perfect option if you own a considerable size of pond and you want to reduce the amount you spend in aeration.
  1. Solar aeration systems- There is only one word that can describe the solar water aeration system, unique. It offers an incredible work time of up to 20 hours for a single day regardless of the weather. These automated systems are cost effective and deliver to the expectations of clients. The system runs on solar energy, backed up with batteries, and is ideal for large ponds. They come at a higher cost since they require steel pipe to be pre-installed but once they are up and running, you will always get value for every buck you spent on the system.
  1. Diffused aeration systems- This come in handy for aerating large ponds, lakebed aeration and bottom up aeration. These do well for ponds that are up to 8 feet deep and work on the same principles as a small pond system does. Before setting out to get a diffused aeration system, it is important to first understand the depth of your pond and if it would work well for it. Also picking out on a location that you will be placing the system at is important as these two affect the efficiency of the diffused aeration system.

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