Using Beds for Gardening

Today there are an increasing number of people using raised garden beds for growing vegetables and other plants. Although you may think what is the point in that when soil is freely available in most gardens but, the problem is that that soil is becoming increasingly contaminated through different reasons. With a raised garden bed, it is you that controls the quality of the soil that is use and you can add nutrition’s as you see fit whilst keeping out any harmful contaminants.

If you decide that you may get better results by using a raised garden bed, you will have to decide which type of bed you would want as there are several to choose from however, the most popular are either wooden or plastic. Some of the advantages of a raised garden bed, apart from being able to keep contaminants out of the soil are, the raised height can assist you with more convenient maintenance, if high enough it can keep any plants above access by certain animals or urine from those animals and finally you have control of the what exactly is in the soil. As with most things though, there are also some disadvantages and in the case of a raised garden bed, those disadvantages are that the soil may dry out more quickly and that the soil you use will have to be paid for.

The size of a raised garden very much depends on personal preference, as does the height but it must be remembered that a raised garden is not the same as a garden planters as garden planters have a closed bottom and a raised garden does not. Having no bottom means that if you wish to, the roots of your veggies can reach into the soil beneath the raised garden and so the raised garden does not necessarily have to be very high. A raised garden can often reach as high as 3 feet but usually are restricted to 11 inches. Although 11 inches is ample, some people like them higher in order that they may sit on the side to make weeding easier.

If you decide to use wood to make your raised garden, Cedar is the best choice as it is rugged and long lasting. Many people though prefer to use plastic garden beds as they will then not have to worry about mould or rotting. Although some people today have concerns when it comes to using plastic as it is considered to be perhaps harmful to the environment, many of the plastic raised gardens are made using recycled plastic and so do not actually add any new plastics to the environment and in fact use plastics that may have otherwise been thrown away causing a potential increase in pollutants in the environment.

As to whether or not you should use a raised garden, is very much dependant on where you live as different areas have a different amount of pollutants in the soil but if you are uncertain, they certainly can do no harm.

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